24 October, 2011

Out to the country side for the weekend!

Last weekend was so great!  I got back just this morning, but I can't wait to go back to the country side all over again!  Maybe because I'm from the city, and have pretty much spent my entire life in the biggest city in the world, but the country side really does call my attention.  I don't know, maybe I'm romanticizing this too much, like I do with everything else, but one day, I want to have my very own farm.  When I was younger, and I would tell my mom this, she'd tell me this would never happen because I'd never be able to afford maintaining it unless I lived there and lived off whatever we had there (but how would this work if I'm a vegetarian?).  Still, it lives in my fantasy, how one day I would have a little farm with little animals.  Dwarf chickens, dwarf cows, dwarf bunnies, dwarf sheep, dwarf piglets etc. etc. etc. and that's where we would go away to get away from everything, my lover and I and in occasion, my friends, and it would be terrific!

I took a few photos with my head inside one of the holes there -
- but I decided to post this one, it's funnier :)

I wanted the chicken to jump into my basket and run away with me,
but then the chicken was so large in size I was too scared to get too near it. (lol)

I couldn't pick those apples for my life, if I were to get 
dropped off at a farm I would starve cause
 I am not cut out for a harsh country lifestyle :(
 Coco had to pick all the apples for us!!

The views were formidable, simply great!
No matter where one catches the sun set though, it's beautiful everywhere.

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